Please Note:

Town of Morgan Agenda and Minutes are “unapproved drafts,” pending approval by the Morgan Town Board at their monthly Board Meeting listed on the agenda, or, in the case of the Annual Meeting, at the Annual Meeting of the following year.

Planning Commission Minutes are approved at their following meeting.

As required by WI Stats 19.84(1)(a)(b)(2), 24 hrs. prior to the Board Meeting, the current Agenda is posted in 1 location within the Town of Morgan, and on Town website:

  • Morgan Town Hall

When required by statue the three posting locations will be as follows:

  • Morgan Town Hall
  • Morgan Fire Station
  • Hilltop Bar in Sampson

The current Planning Commission Agenda is also posted at 3 locations listed above and on Town website.

Contact Town Clerk for a copy of archived agendas or minutes — or 920-846-0699.

Morgan Town Board Agenda’s, Minutes and Attachments

Click below for Agenda’s, Minutes and Attachments (if any).


Agenda Minutes Attachments
02-23-24 Special Meeting    
02-12-24 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda    
02-07-24 Special Meeting 02-07-24 Special Meeting Minutes  
01-24-24 Special Meeting 01-24-24 Special Meeting Minutes  
01-08-24 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 01-08-24 Monthly Meeting Minutes  


Agenda Minutes Attachments
12-11-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 12-11-23 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
11-28-23 Special Meeting Agenda AMENDED 11-28-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
11-13-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 11-13-23 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
2024 Budget Notice- Meeting of the Electors- Special Board Meeting 11-17-23 Budget Hearing, Elector Meeting and Special Meeting Minutes  
10-27-23 Special Meeting Agenda 10-27-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
10-16-23 Special Meeting Agenda 10-16-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
10-09-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 10-09-23 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
09-29-23 Special Meeting Agenda 09-29-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
09-15-23 Special Meeting Agenda 09-15-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
09-11-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda  09-11-23 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
09-06-23 Special Meeting Agenda 09-06-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
08-29-23 Special Meeting Agenda 08-29-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
08-14-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 08-14-23 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
07-21-23 Special Meeting Agenda 07-21-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
07-10-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 07-10-23 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
06-30-23 Special Meeting Agenda 06-30-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
06-16-23 Special Meeting Agenda 06-16-23 Special Meeting Minutes DRAFT  
06-12-23 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda 06-12-2023 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
06-02-23 Special Meeting Agenda 06-02-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
05-08-23 Monthly Business Meeting 05-08-2023 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
04-14-23 Special Meeting 04-14-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
04-12-23 Special Meeting Agenda 04-12-23 Special Meeting Minutes  
04-10-23 Monthly Business Meeting 04-10-2023 Meeting Minutes  
Annual Agenda 4-25-22 Annual Minutes 4-26-21    
03-15-23 Monthly Business Meeting 03-15-23 Meeting Minutes   
02-23-23 Special Meeting 02-23-23 Special Meeting Minutes    
02-13-23 Monthly Business Meeting 02-13-23 Meeting Minutes   
01-31-23 Special Meeting  01-31-23 Special Meeting Minutes   
01-13-23 Special Meeting 01-13-23 Special Meeting Minutes    
 01-09-23 Monthly Business Meeting  01-09-23 Meeting Minutes & Caucus Minutes  


Morgan Land Use Planning Commission (MLUPC) Agenda’s, Minutes and Attachments (if any).

Plan Commission | Town of Morgan, Wisconsin

Click below for Agenda’s, Minutes and Attachments (if any).+



02-26-24 Plan Commission Agenda
02-21-24 Public Notice- Conditional Use Permit Inspection
01-29-24 Plan Commission Agenda01-29-24 UNAPPROVED Meeting Minutes



12-07-23 Plan Commission Agenda12-07-23 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
10-23-2023 Plan Commission Agenda10-23-23 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
09-25-23 Plan Commission Agenda09-25-23 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
08-28-23 Plan Commission Agenda08-28-2023 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
07-24-23 Plan Commission Agenda07-24-2023 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
06-26-23 Plan Commission Agenda06-26-23 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
05-30-23 MLUPC Agenda05-30-23 APPROVED Meeting Minutes
04-24-23 Plan Commission Agenda04-24-23 Minutes- Land Use and Plan Commission
01-03-23 MLUPC agenda01-03-23 Minutes-Land Use and Plan Commission

Annual Meeting:

04-18-23 Annual meeting notice

Click here 04-18-2023 Annual Meeting Agenda

Click here for 04-25-2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Public Notices

Public notice is to notify residents that a quorum of the board may be in attendance at a given event or place, however, no deliberating or decision making will take place. 

02-16-24 Public Notice- WTA District Meeting

01-10-24 Public Notice- Road Work

01-09-24 Public Notice- Fire Dept Meeting

Dec-Jan Public Notice- Recycling Center Shifts

10-22-23 Public Notice- WTA Annual Meeting- Kalahari Resort

10-18-23 Public Notice- Green Valley Board- budget-contract meeting

10-12-23 Public Notice- Oconto County Unit Meeting

10-10-23 Public Notice- WISLR ratings

09-19-23 Public Notice- LRIP training in Oconto

07-28-23 Public Notice- Missing Road Signs

07-14-23 Public Notice- viewing of former pallet factory

06-28-23 Public Notice- Municipal Emergency Operation Plan

06-26-23 Public Notice- fire dept

06-08-23 Public Notice- recycling center clean up

05-30-23 Public Notice- MLUPC

04-22-23 Public Notice- Listening Days

04-20-23 Public Notice- Culvert Autumn Lane

04-20-23 Public Notice- Oconto County Unit Meeting

03-30-23 Public Notice- Capital Day

03-16-23 Public Notice

03-15-23 Public Notice-Weight Limits

Past Minutes and Agendas

Past Agendas Town Board Meeting                                                                      Past Minutes Town Board Meeting

01-13-23 Special Meeting  —  01-13-23 Special Meeting Minutes

12-31-22 Special Meeting12-31-22 Special Meeting Minutes

Budget Meeting & Meeting of the Electors

Wed December 21, 2022 @ 7:00 PM  Minutes12/21/2022 Budget Official Meeting— Budget & Summary 12-21-22 Meeting of the Elector Minutes

12-16-22 Special Meeting12-16-22 Special Meeting Minutes

12-15-22 Special Meeting12-15-22 Special Meeting Minutes

Monday December 5, 2022 @ 7:00 PM 2022 Budget Meeting12-05-22 Budget Hearing Minutes

12-12-22 Agenda11-14-22 Meeting Minutes 

12-06-22 Special Meeting Agenda 12-06-22 Special Meeting Minutes

11-21-22 Special Meeting Agenda11-21-22 Special Meeting Minutes

11-16-22 Special Meeting Agenda11-16-22 Special Meeting Minutes

11-14-22 Agenda 10-10-22 Minutes Amended

11-10-22 Special Meeting Agenda11-10-22 Special Meeting Minutes

11-03-22 Special Meeting Agenda11-03-22 Special Meeting Minutes

10-29-22 Special Meeting Agenda10-29-22 Special Meeting Minutes

10-17-22 Special Meeting Agenda 10-17-22 Special Meeting Minutes

Agenda 10/10/2022 09-12-22 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Agenda 10/02/22 Special Meeting Minutes 10/02/2022

Agenda 9-12-22 Minutes 08-08-22

Agenda 8-8-22                                                                                                        Minutes 7-11-22

Agenda 7-11-22                                                                                                      Minutes 6-13-22

Agenda 6-13-22                                                                                                      Minutes 5-9-22

Agenda 5-9-22                                                                                                        Minutes 4-11-22

Agenda 4-11-22                                                                                                      Minutes 3-14-22

Agenda 3-14-22                                                                                                      Minutes 2-14-22

Special Meeting 3-9-22

Agenda 2-14-22                                                                                                      Minutes 1-10-22

Special Meeting Minutes 1-21-22         Special Meeting Minutes 1-24-22          Special Meeting Minutes 2-2-22

Agenda 1-10-22                                                                                                      Minutes 12-13-2021

Agenda 12-13-21                                                    Minutes 11-8-21   

Special Meeting   Minutes 11-18-21                                                                                                                                 Public Hearing Special Meeting 11-8-21

Agenda 11-8-2021                                                                                                Minutes 10-14-21

Agenda 10-14-21                                                                                                  Minutes 9-13-21

Agenda 9-13-21                                                                                                    Minutes 8-2-2021

Agenda 8-2-2021 REVISED                                                                                    Minutes 7-12-21

Agenda 7-12-21 Revised 2                                                                                    Minutes 6-14-2021

Agenda 6-14-2021                                                                                                Minutes 5-10-2021

Agenda 5-24-2021                                                                                                Minutes 4-12-2021

Agenda 4-12-2021                                                                                                Minutes 3-8-2021

Agenda 3-8-2021                                                                                                  Minutes 2-8-2021

Agenda 2-8-2021                                                                                                  Minutes 1-11-2021

Agenda 1-11-2021                                                                                                Minutes 12-14-2020

Morgan Land Use Planning Commission (MLUPC)

Past Agenda’s   Minutes from Planning Commission

01-03-23 MLUPC agenda

12-28-22 Plan Commission Agenda12-28-22 MLUPC Minutes

12-19-22 Plan Commission Agenda12-19-22 MLUPC Minutes

Plan Commission Agenda 9-26-2209-26-22 Plan Commission Minutes

Oconto County- Notice of Public Hearings 9-28-22

Agenda 12-27-21Minutes 12-27-21

Agenda 9-7-21                                                                                                     Minutes 9-7-21

Agenda 8-30-21