Photos of Old Town Hall being demolished, and New Town Hall, 2017, by Char Borghese

How Safe is My Vote– Thursday May 16 at 6:30 PM the town of Morgan will be hosting speaker Jefferson E Davis to discuss various topics in Election Integrity. This event is open to the public. 

20-Year Vision Statement

In the year 2025, the Town of Morgan is home to people who value a rural place to live and work.  Healthy natural areas contribute positively to the scenic beauty of the town, promote an abundance of wildlife, offer a variety of recreational outlets, and maintain clean ground and surface water.  People in Morgan understand the fact that the land is the heart of the town’s economic livelihood and promote sustainable land use practices through the implementation of this comprehensive plan for future generations to enjoy.

Morgan Plan Commission – August 2008


Most of the early pioneers settled in the area known as the Town of Chase between the years of 1873-1877. Many came from Canada and Germany. The land they settled during this time was called West Pensaukee. One of the first pioneers to settle in the area was John Rymer. In 1876, the settlers organized the first school near Neal Rymer’s farm. The settlers of West Pensaukee used the post office in Pensaukee, but they wanted a closer one. Carl Meyer walked to Pensaukee and picked up a petition to circulate in West Pensaukee.

Carl Meyer’s son, Charlie was sent around to get signatures.The petition was then sent to the government. The government wrote back, and said they would have to continue to carry the mail for one year. After that year had passed, the government built a post office in Levi Cleveland’s house, which became Charles Peter’s place. The depot operator by the name of Mr. Morgan was asked to sign papers for the post office. The settlers asked him how much money he wanted for signing the papers. He told them, if they would call the post office Morgan, there would be no charge. Around 1902, the Town of Chase was divided and the Town of Morgan was formed, naming it after their post office. The first town chairman was O.C. Madison, and the first cheese factory built in the town was constructed by Charley Birr.

Source:  History of Morgan by Donald Schroeder, circa 2000.

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Veterans Memorial in Town of Morgan – George Kasch & Dan Dryja (Contacts)