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Two aerial photos of town hall construction from                              Fire Chief, Leonard Wahl

Town of Morgan contracts with the Green Valley-Morgan Fire Company, Inc. for fire fighting and fire prevention services. It is a non-profit fire corporation serving the Towns of Morgan and Green Valley.

Information or questions regarding the Green Valley-Morgan Fire Company, contact:

Leonard Wahl —  Fire Chief:  920-373-3308; or  

Joel Nischke – Assistant Fire Chief: 715-584-2095

Town of Morgan contracts with the Oconto Falls Joint Ambulance Service for ambulance service within the Town:  920-846-2662

Town contact is Town Supervisor and Chairman of Oconto Falls Joint Ambulance Service, Ron Korzeniewski, 920-899-3687.

Executive Director – Patrick Ahlgrim. 715-701-0879

Assistant Squad Director – Angie Ahlgrim  715-790-8547


Per State of WI DNR rules, burning the following materials, under any condition, is prohibited:  

Garbage; Carpet; Electronics; Foam; Furniture; Metal; Oily Substances (e.g., oily or greasy rags, oil filters, etc.); Painted/stained/treated wood; Plastics of any kind (including plastic bottles and plastic bags); Shingles and tar paper; Tires and other rubber products; Vinyl(e.g., siding); Wire; Structures of any kind (e.g., homes, barns, sheds, etc.); Agricultural plastics/plastic film

Green Valley-Morgan Fire Company asks that you contact the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department at 920-834-6900 to report you are planning a controlled burn (location and time).  Do not call 911–use the non-emergency number.  In the past, cellphone users driving by have reported a fire, resulting in a false alarm.  If you see a fire, please stop and check to see if someone is tending the fire.  If there is no one, call it in, and the fire department will respond to the situation.