THE ONLY TOWN-SPONSORED residential trash and recycle disposal is located directly behind Town Hall off County Rd. C.

Two PRIVATELY OWNED residential trash and recycle companies are available to the public, and charge their own fees:

GFL (Green for Life) — 920-617-6767 —

Advanced Disposal (Waste Managment) — 920-983-3341 —

BURNING PERMITS:  Given out by Recycle Attendants during Saturday hours, or from DNR Website, with certain specifications.

EMERGENCY FIRE WARDEN of Town:  Chairperson Lori Witthuhn

Click Here — Town of Morgan Recycle Center Fees 

(Currently January, 2018 fees remain the same as January, 2017)


AT NO CHARGE — ACCEPTABLE items in ONE BIN for recycling — no longer need to be separated:

  • plastics (incl. bakery), dairy containers & lids (empty and rinse, remove and discard all caps, flatten to preserve space)
  • aluminum & tin & empty aerosal cans (labels can remain on cans– empty and rinse)
  • brown, clear, & green glass (food & beverage & jars — empty and rinse)
  • corrugated cardboard (must be flattened)
  • newspaper & inserts
  • mixed paper
  • white paper
  • milk, juice & soup cartons
  • junk mail & catalogs
  • phone books & magazines
  • food boxes (must be flattened)
  • Important:  shredded paper goes in paper bag and stapled shut

NOT ACCEPTED:  Plastic bags, wrap or film, motor oil bottles or jugs, styrofoam, remove all plastic screw caps (discard), paper contaminated with food or grease, tissue paper, gift wrap, aluminum pans or foil, empty paint cans, large/bulky scrap metal items, window glass, ceramics, china, drinking glasses.

Regular garbage disposal bins and very large trash container will still be available.

Ask Attendants  about:

  •   used oil filters
  •   absorbents
  •   antifreeze
  •   tires



Accepted only on Recycle Day the following items:

  • grass cuttings
  • brush cuttings