2023-01 Budget Resolution

02-09-11-2023 Solar Energy System Permit Ordinance

1-02-23-2023 Utility Permit

1-02-23-2023 Ordinance

2022-01 Resolution

For Ordinance or resolutions prior to 2022 CONTACT TOWN CLERK for a copy or to inquire whether one is available for the subject you are interested in — Morgantownclerk@gmail.com or 920-846-0699

Note:  There are limited ordinances and resolutions in Morgan.

(1)  Ordinance 1-09-11-2017, Designated Sex offender Residency and Other Restrictions  was passed by Town Board 9/11/2017.

(2)  Culvert, Driveway, and Building Code Ordinance can be found on Fees Page, under Town Inspector.


Policy on Public Participation during Comment